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montessori programs in Lewisville

Childcare Programs in Lewisville

We offer four main childcare programs in Lewisville and before/after school care to meet your family’s needs.

Childcare Programs in Lewisville

Our Montessori Philosophy

Explore childcare programs in Lewisville, TX, where the Montessori Method is an approach to education that embraces each child’s natural desire to learn and honors the need for independence and self-sufficiency. It utilizes the way children individually learn best in a hands-on, concrete manner using all of their senses. The teacher, as a guide, constantly presents new areas of discovery in a sequential, orderly fashion.

The academic curriculum revolves around classic Montessori philosophy and materials with an emphasis on learning about the world around us. It prepares the students to make wise choices and adjustments to life’s challenges, helps them develop a broader knowledge base, and emphasizes reading through phonics, writing, and mathematics. Many opportunities for exploring other areas of study and for continuing the process of discovery learning are provided each day.

A Child-Led Approach to Teaching

Dr. Montessori and other researchers have emphasized the importance of the periods of the child’s natural sensitivity to specific skill-building tasks. The Montessori environment allows the child the freedom to follow his or her own natural desire to learn in areas of his or her own interest and curiosity.

As the child is guided in the correct use of materials, he or she becomes increasingly independent. Each student learns how to order themselves, which leads to self-discipline and respect within the class.

Discover childcare programs in Lewisville, TX, where this child-led approach to teaching is applied effectively.

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The aim of practical life lessons is to assist the child’s development in those areas that involve important life skills. Generally the activities of practical life revolve around four areas: Caring for the Self, Caring for the Environment, Grace & Courtesy and Movement of Objects.

As the children do activities, the focus is on the process rather the end result. Those activities involve manipulative skills such as cutting, fastening, pouring, opening containers or carrying trays. They also learn to care for the environment through sweeping, dusting, dish washing and gardening. All of these skills assist in the development of fine motor coordination, which directly affects writing. Practical life skills also build your child’s self-esteem and independence.

Language is woven throughout the entire curriculum and is an aid to the growth and development of the whole child. Language is the main door to all other subjects.

We use language for two basic functions: to help us communicate with one another and to provide a system to aid our thinking process. We begin with the prerequisite skills required for reading and writing. We want children to love and enjoy books while being able to use language to share. Each child gains an understanding that printed word has meaning.

MES has an extensive phonics and creative writing curriculum that is individually taught to each child. We also work to help children develop control over their bodies, particularly the hands, which are used for writing.

At Montessori Episcopal School, we are committed to helping children grow in body, mind and spirit. Children are naturally open to a joyful and moving connection to the presence of God. We model faith and prayer as support for each child’s growth and understanding.

Godly Play is an approach to religious exploration and contemplation for children. The invitation to come and play is based on what Jesus said about welcoming children and becoming like them. It is a way to know God and to enter God’s Kingdom. It is deeply rooted in the Bible, the liturgy of the Church and the educational principles of Maria Montessori.

Teachers present lessons by sharing concrete materials based on the Bible stories. The children are then given the opportunity to work with the materials and learn to tell the story themselves. Through these lessons and experiences, we hope to create the opportunity for the child to fall in love with God and experience His love as generously as possible.

Our 3s, 4s, and Kindergarten age children also attend weekly chapel at the Church of the Annunciation. Chapel service is simple and designed for the children. The service consists of singing, praying, listening to a Bible story and reciting the Lord’s Prayer together.

Weekly Music classes teach the beginnings of music appreciation and a love of all things musical. Our music program includes singing, creative movement and the study of musical instruments. Our students also learn songs for Chapel and prepare for musical programs that happen throughout the year.

Montessori Episcopal is proud of its lending library with over 8,000 books. Students visit the library once a week and are allowed to browse the various sections of the library. All materials have been carefully selected with children in mind. Students are permitted to check out two books on whatever topic interests them and family members are encouraged to read, discuss and look at the pictures with their child.

Students who have mastered their phonics lessons and are reading in the classroom are assisted with choosing books on their reading level. Through this library program, students are exposed to a variety of excellent children’s literature which aids in developing a lifelong love of books and reading.

The aim of sensorial is to give the child a precise, ordered environment through exploration and discovery. As soon as you enter a Montessori classroom, you’ll feel how it’s different from traditional classrooms. Most of these materials are colorful and entice the child to explore them.

They consist of a set of objects that, when experienced together, aids the child’s understand of a particular concept. Each of these works is self-correcting, helping the child feel a great sense of accomplishment when the activity is complete. The sensorial materials build the child’s skill in perception, classification, and organization. These works lay the foundation for mathematics.

If a child has early, hands-on access to specialized equipment, mathematics skills can be joyfully learned. The Montessori materials are designed to make abstract math concepts concrete. Each piece of equipment is visually stimulating, mentally appealing and most are self-correcting.

Children learn to use objects to discover and apply math concepts. Montessori Method teaches one concept at a time, successively building skills. Concepts such as sequentially ordering objects, understanding symmetry and logically organizing are part of our math curriculum. More complex skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are also taught.

Students take part in a weekly, 45-minute art lesson. This class offers a multi-arts approach to creativity, including painting, sculpture, collage, mosaics, sketching and more. Each week students discuss a different topic, focusing on developing skills, learning techniques and expanding their knowledge of art, including appreciation of famous artists. Throughout the year, students create self-expressive masterpieces which will be brought home for the entire family to enjoy!

To ensure a healthy future, children are given the knowledge of the importance of daily physical activity that will lead to good health through weekly Physical Education classes. Students participate in a wide variety of physical games and motor skills that enhance their overall health.

Through these activities, the children’s large and small motor skills are developed as well as hand and eye coordination. Students experience the fun and enjoyment that can come from leading a healthy and active lifestyle as they engage in cooperative play.

Toddler I Focuses on language development, exploration, gross motor skills, colors, shapes, music, and movement and more. 9 - 18 Months of Age 6-12 Class Size
Toddler II Focuses on continued language, fine motor, social skills, care of the self and environment, and more 18 Months - 3 Years of Age 12 - 16 Class Size
Preparatory Focuses on continued reading development, writing, math, science, independence, grace and courtesy, developing a life long love of learning, and more. 3 - 5 Years of Age 12 - 18 Class Size
Kindergarten . 5 Years - 6 Years of Age 12-18 Class Size
Before & After School Care Our extended day program allows for imaginative free form play, includes after school nap time and snack, outdoor play and more. 9 Months-6 Years of Age

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Weekly Library, Art, PE, Music, and Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Fostering Independence: Your Queries About Our Childcare Programs in Lewisville Unveiled!

Our Montessori program at Montessori Episcopal School is designed with the holistic development of the child in mind. We aim to ignite a child’s inherent love for learning, fostering independence, self-sufficiency, and mutual respect. Our educators guide children through a hands-on learning journey, encouraging exploration and discovery using all their senses. Beyond academic excellence, our curriculum prepares young minds to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience, emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and social responsibility. Is your child ready for a transformative educational journey? Discover the Montessori difference at Montessori Episcopal School.

Explore our Lewisville childcare programs. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and enrollment options!

Montessori Episcopal School stands out from traditional childcare programs by offering a vibrant, child-led learning environment that respects the individuality and interests of each child. Unlike conventional settings that may prioritize supervision and basic learning activities, our Montessori-certified educators guide children through a structured yet flexible curriculum. This approach nurtures practical life skills, academic learning, and emotional intelligence, all within a supportive community. Curious about a childcare experience that goes beyond the basics?

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Yes, Montessori Episcopal School uniquely blends Christian values with the Montessori educational philosophy, offering a nurturing environment where children can grow spiritually, academically, and personally. Our program integrates faith into daily activities, fostering a deep spiritual connection through Godly Play and Gospel lessons. This approach supports children in exploring their faith through stories, materials, and activities designed to deepen their understanding and relationship with God. Interested in a faith-based Montessori education for your child?

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Indeed, our Christian STEM curriculum at Montessori Episcopal School marries Montessori methods with a Christian worldview, offering a holistic approach to learning. This innovative program nurtures curiosity, problem-solving skills, and moral values, preparing children for the challenges of the future. By integrating faith with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, we provide a unique educational experience that fosters a love for learning and a commitment to ethical living. Eager for your child to experience STEM education grounded in Christian principles?

Embark on a journey of quality childcare in Lewisville. Reach out to us today for a personalized consultation and enrollment information!

Finding the right Montessori program for your child means looking for a school that offers tailored, individualized learning experiences. At Montessori Episcopal School, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet each child’s unique needs through our Montessori-certified teachers and child-centered curriculum. Our supportive and enriching learning environment ensures that every child feels valued and understood. Looking for a Montessori program that feels custom-made for your child?

Discover unparalleled childcare programs in Lewisville. Reach out to us for a comprehensive overview of our programs and enrollment process!

Investing in your child’s early education is a significant decision, and at Montessori Episcopal School, we strive to offer transparent, competitive pricing for our high-quality Montessori daycare services. Our tuition reflects the unparalleled educational value we provide, incorporating all aspects of our comprehensive Montessori curriculum. Are you wondering about the investment in your child’s future?

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If you’re looking for a Montessori daycare near me with a comprehensive curriculum, Montessori Episcopal School is an excellent choice. We understand the importance of providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for your child’s early years. Our Montessori childcare programs are designed to cater to the unique developmental needs of each child, offering a comprehensive curriculum that fosters independence, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning. We cater to the holistic development of your child, promoting cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.

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Our daycare in Lewisville, TX, is distinguished by our commitment to the Montessori philosophy. We offer a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace. Montessori Episcopal School provides a unique setting where children can develop independence, curiosity, and a love for learning, supported by Montessori-certified teachers. Are you intrigued by a daycare that prioritizes your child’s unique learning path?

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Montessori Episcopal School is celebrated as one of the premier daycares in Lewisville, TX, faithfully adhering to the Montessori method. Our approach to early childhood education is designed to nurture and challenge children, preparing them for a lifetime of learning and discovery. Want the best for your child? Join the many satisfied parents who trust Montessori Episcopal School for their children’s early education.

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As a beacon of Montessori education in Lewisville, TX, Montessori Episcopal School is proud to offer programs that nurture and challenge children from toddler through kindergarten. Our Montessori-certified teachers and child-centered curriculum make us a top recommendation for parents seeking a daycare center with a strong educational foundation. Looking for a recommended daycare center with a Montessori foundation? Your search ends with Montessori Episcopal School. Reach out to us today to explore our programs.

At Montessori Episcopal School, we believe in the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, which is why we integrate physical education into our Montessori curriculum. Our program emphasizes the development of motor skills, coordination, and teamwork, all within a Montessori framework that respects each child’s individual abilities and interests. Keen on a Montessori education that keeps your child active and engaged? Let’s discuss the benefits of our physical education program. Contact us to learn more.

Identifying Montessori certified schools involves looking for institutions committed to the Montessori philosophy and employing Montessori-certified teachers. Montessori Episcopal School is dedicated to providing an authentic Montessori education, focusing on the holistic development of the child. Searching for a certified Montessori education for your child? Let Montessori Episcopal School be your guide to an authentic Montessori environment. Contact us for more insights.

At Montessori Episcopal School, located in Lewisville, TX, we pride ourselves on our strong focus on language development, utilizing reading, phonics, and writing as foundational elements of our Montessori curriculum. Our approach is designed to nurture a love for language from an early age, providing children with the tools they need to express themselves creatively and confidently. Through individualized learning experiences, children engage with materials and activities that enhance their reading fluency, phonetic skills, and writing abilities, all within a supportive and enriching environment.

Our Montessori-certified teachers guide each child through their language development journey, ensuring that they receive the attention and resources necessary to thrive. From tactile learning materials like sandpaper letters for phonics to a wide selection of books that ignite a passion for reading, our program is tailored to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of language.

Eager to see your child’s language skills flourish in an environment that values individual growth and expression? Discover the difference at Montessori Episcopal School. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our childcare programs in Lewisville, TX, can benefit your child.

Yes, Montessori Episcopal School welcomes families from Flower Mound, TX, and beyond, offering a unique educational experience that attracts families from all over the region. Our commitment to the Montessori method, combined with our Christian values and comprehensive curriculum, makes us a preferred choice for parents seeking an enriching educational environment for their children. Whether you’re in Flower Mound, Lewisville, or the surrounding areas, our doors are open to provide your child with a nurturing, stimulating, and growth-oriented educational journey. Considering Montessori education for your child in Flower Mound or Lewisville? Let’s connect and discuss how we can meet your educational needs and exceed your expectations. Reach out to Montessori Episcopal School today!


Montessori Episcopal School is the only Christian Montessori school in Denton county.

We have been serving Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village toddlers through kindergartners for the past 50+ years.


Montessori Episcopal School turns preschoolers into independent creative thinkers. Our programs have:

  • Individualized instruction on each child
  • Weekly Library, Art, PE, Music, and Spanish
  • Biblical training through weekly chapel


  • A focus on whole-child learning, including physical, education and spiritual development
  • A natural, maker-space playground and garden
  • Passionate, long-tenured teachers
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