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Before and After School Care

Our Before and After School Program is set up to support families that need care outside of school hours. Students can attend before school begins, after school ends, or both. Our extended day activities allow for imaginative free-form play, additional outdoor play, arts and crafts, computer lab, learning toys, games, and more.

Specifically, during our Before-School Care Program, children are engaged in imaginative play and activities such as play-doh, kinetic sand, coloring, and more. Although breakfast is NOT provided, children are welcome to bring or finish their own breakfast with us.

During our After School Care Program, children are able to participate in naps or quiet time, a snack is provided and we create a more unstructured environment, different from our everyday academic classrooms. Our students enjoy additional recess time on our natural playground and engage with various toys and activities in the classroom that stir imagination and creative development, increase sensory development, encourage collaboration, and develop social skills while increasing confidence and self-esteem. Examples include art activities, reading, puzzles, building toys and dress-up, or other toys that allow children to act out real-life scenarios.

We also have an extended full-year program that offers educational summer and holiday camps. For further information and enrollment details, please contact our office. Let’s start your child’s journey of exploration and growth together! Contact us today.

  • Imaginative Play and Learing
  • Snack and Nap Time After School
  • Educational Games and Toys
  • Arts, Crafts and Maker Space Type Learning

Age Group: 9 Months – 6 Years Old

Inside view of before and after school care activities at Montessori Episcopal School

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Frequently Asked Questions

[2:24 AM] Yogesh Kumar
Ensuring Continuity: Your Questions About Our Before and After School Program

Parents searching for a “before-school daycare near me” in the Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Highland Village areas will find Montessori Episcopal School’s Before-School Care Program an ideal choice. Our program is specifically designed to engage children in various stimulating activities such as play-doh, kinetic sand, and coloring, providing a nurturing start to their day. While we do not provide breakfast, we welcome children to bring their own, offering a comfortable and supportive environment for them to begin their day.

For more information on enriching your child’s morning routine with our program, please get in touch with Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX.

Opting for a Montessori school like Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX, for before and after school childcare ensures your child benefits from a consistent, enriching educational philosophy throughout their day. Unlike traditional childcare, our Montessori approach nurtures the whole child, focusing on developing independence, respect, empathy, and a love for learning. These principles are woven into our before and after school programs, where children engage in activities that foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and social development within a safe, supportive environment. This continuity in educational philosophy supports a seamless learning experience, reinforcing daily lessons and promoting a well-rounded development. Contact us to see how our Montessori childcare approach can enrich your child’s daily experience.

Yes, Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX, proudly offers Montessori-aligned before and after school care programs. Our unique approach extends the Montessori educational experience beyond the traditional school hours, providing children with a nurturing, consistent environment that supports their learning and development. Our programs are designed with the Montessori principles of independence, exploration, and respect at their core, ensuring your child receives a cohesive and enriching educational experience from morning until evening. For families seeking a Montessori daycare solution that encompasses before and after school care, we invite you to explore what Montessori Episcopal School has to offer.

Selecting a safe before and after care program is paramount for parents. To ensure the safety and well-being of your child, it’s important to consider several key factors: the facility’s licensing and accreditation, staff qualifications and training, and the implementation of comprehensive safety protocols. Montessori Episcopal School prioritizes the safety of our students by adhering to strict safety standards, including regular staff training on emergency procedures and maintaining a secure, welcoming environment for all children. We encourage parents to visit our school, meet with our staff, and ask detailed questions about our safety measures and child supervision policies. Our commitment to safety, combined with our Montessori educational approach, makes us a leading choice for parents in the Lewisville area.

Montessori Episcopal School offers specialized before and after care programs designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of 6-year-olds, among other age groups. Our programs provide a balanced mix of educational activities, creative play, and rest, tailored to engage and nurture children at this critical stage of development. Activities are planned to stimulate curiosity, encourage social interaction, and support the continuous learning process in a fun, relaxed environment. To learn more about how our before and after care programs can support your 6-year-old’s growth and learning, please contact us for further details.

At Montessori Episcopal School, we place a strong emphasis on the value of outdoor play for children’s holistic development. Recognizing its importance for physical health, emotional well-being, and social skills, our before care program incorporates ample time for children to engage with the natural world. This not only allows them to expend energy and start their day with fresh air but also aligns with the Montessori philosophy that emphasizes learning through interaction with the environment. Our outdoor activities are designed to stimulate curiosity, encourage physical activity, and foster a deep appreciation for nature. For families prioritizing a healthy, active start to their child’s day, Montessori Episcopal School offers an enriching before care option that includes structured and free-play outdoor activities.

Families often inquire about the “average before and after school care cost” to budget effectively for childcare needs. At Montessori Episcopal School, we provide affordable, high-quality care solutions for Lewisville families and beyond. Our Before and After School Program includes various activities designed to foster imaginative play, creativity, and outdoor exploration, all within a flexible care package tailored to busy families.

For a detailed overview of our pricing and to explore how our program can align with your financial planning, please get in touch with our office in Lewisville, TX.

Montessori Episcopal School’s after school activities go beyond mere childcare to offer enrichment programs that cater to a wide range of interests and learning styles. Our enrichment programs are thoughtfully designed to extend the Montessori learning experience into the after-school hours, providing children with opportunities to explore arts, science, culture, and more in depth. Each activity is crafted to not only be engaging and fun but also educational, encouraging children to ask questions, seek answers, and develop new skills. From hands-on science experiments that demystify the world around them to arts and crafts projects that unleash their creativity, our after school enrichment programs aim to cultivate a lifelong love of learning. Parents seeking a comprehensive after school experience that enriches their child’s education will find our programs to be an invaluable extension of the Montessori learning environment.

Understanding the diverse needs of modern families, Montessori Episcopal School offers extended daycare hours that provide parents with the flexibility they require to balance work and family life. We offer extended care for all children enrolled in our school. Our extended hours are carefully structured to ensure that every child continues to receive the same level of care, education, and attention as they would during regular school hours. From early morning to late afternoon, our extended daycare provides a safe, nurturing environment where children can engage in a variety of educational and recreational activities. This service is particularly beneficial for working parents who need reliable childcare solutions that do not compromise on quality or educational value. By offering extended hours, we strive to support our families in every way possible, ensuring peace of mind for parents and a continuous, enriching experience for children.

Montessori Episcopal School proudly offers before and aftercare programs specifically designed for 5-year-olds, ensuring they receive age-appropriate care and education. Our programs for this age group focus on fostering independence, curiosity, and a love for learning, with activities that are both engaging and educational. Whether it’s through Montessori-based learning activities that extend their day-to-day classroom experiences or through creative play and exploration, our before and aftercare services are tailored to meet the developmental needs of 5-year-olds. We provide a warm, welcoming environment where children can feel at home, make friends, and continue learning and growing even outside of regular school hours. For parents seeking a comprehensive care solution for their 5-year-old, Montessori Episcopal School offers a program that combines the best of education and care.

Our childcare with extended hours at Montessori Episcopal School is specifically designed to cater to the varying schedules of working parents, offering a flexible solution that ensures children are well cared for, engaged, and learning throughout the day. Our extended hours childcare accommodates early drop-offs and late pickups, providing parents with the assurance that their child is in a safe, enriching environment beyond traditional school hours. This service is essential for parents who may have early morning commitments, late work hours, or unpredictable schedules, allowing them to fulfill their professional responsibilities without compromising on their child’s care and education. Our aim is to provide a supportive partnership with parents, ensuring that our extended hours childcare seamlessly integrates with their work schedules while offering children a structured, nurturing, and educational experience.

Choosing the best daycare with extended hours in Flower Mound, TX, involves careful consideration of several key factors, including the quality of the educational program, the qualifications and dedication of the staff, the flexibility of the care hours, and the overall environment and ethos of the school. Montessori Episcopal School stands out by offering a high-quality Montessori education combined with extended care options designed to meet the needs of busy families. When selecting a daycare, we recommend visiting the school, meeting with the staff, and observing the environment to ensure it aligns with your family’s values and your child’s needs. Our commitment to providing a nurturing, educational, and flexible childcare solution makes Montessori Episcopal School an excellent choice for families in Flower Mound and the surrounding areas.

For families in search of extended hours daycare for toddlers, Montessori Episcopal School offers a program specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of younger children. Our toddler program provides a nurturing, educational setting where toddlers can thrive, with extended hours that accommodate the schedules of working parents. Our activities are designed to support toddlers’ developmental milestones, focusing on sensory-based learning, motor skills development, and social interaction in a safe, caring environment. Our extended hours ensure that toddlers have a consistent, enriching experience that aligns with the Montessori philosophy, supporting their growth and development while providing flexibility for parents.

Montessori Episcopal School extends its before and after daycare services to families in Highland Village, TX, offering a Montessori-based program that enriches children’s lives beyond the traditional school day. Our programs are designed to provide a seamless transition between school and home, enriching children’s daily experiences with a range of educational and recreational activities. Our commitment to the Montessori philosophy ensures that children continue to learn and grow in an environment that values independence, curiosity, and respect for others. For families in Highland Village seeking a Montessori approach to before and after daycare, Montessori Episcopal School offers a welcoming, enriching option that supports both children’s development and parents’ schedules.


Montessori Episcopal School is the only Christian Montessori school in Denton county.

We have been serving Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village toddlers through kindergartners for the past 50+ years.


Montessori Episcopal School turns preschoolers into independent creative thinkers. Our programs have:

  • Individualized instruction on each child
  • Weekly Library, Art, PE, Music, and Spanish
  • Biblical training through weekly chapel


  • A focus on whole-child learning, including physical, education and spiritual development
  • A natural, maker-space playground and garden
  • Passionate, long-tenured teachers
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