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Class Overview

Preparatory Classroom

Our Kindergarten Preparatory Montessori program incorporates the Montessori Method in everything we do. We work with the students on language development, phonics, and reading fluency and take a deeper dive into math and science. Our passion is creating independent, creative thinkers who love learning.

  • Language and Reading Development
  • Chapel, Art, Music and Physical Education
  • Math and Science Skill Building
  • Focus on Creating Independence and Confident Learners

Age Group: 3-6 Years Old
Class Size: 6-18 Children

Preparatory Class Educators

Lead Preparatory Teacher

Tanya Gilmore

Lead Teacher, Preparatory

Tanya Gilmore is the Kindergarten Preparatory Lead Teacher and has been with MES since 2006.

Ms. Gilmore has a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Arizona and is Montessori certified through Collin County Community College.

Ms. Gilmore has three wonderful children, all MES alumni, two heelers, and a loving husband, TJ Gilmore who is an active Lewisville City Councilman. Her daughter is attending Babson College in Wellesley, MA, and her twin boys both attend Texas Tech University.

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out at her fire pit, reading, working out at Thrive, and cuddling her dogs. She is an avid fan of Harry Potter and Star Trek. Her favorite color is orange, and she loves all things pumpkin.

Montessori kindergarten preparatory teacher facilitating math activities for 3-year-olds in Lewisville, TX.

Tinesha Lebron

Lead Teacher, Preparatory

Tinesha Lebron is the Preparatory Lead Teacher and has been with MES since 2016.

Ms. Lebron has been a Lead teacher in our Toddler and Preparatory classrooms.

She has over ten years of experience working with children and was introduced to Montessori at 17 years old while working as an aftercare teacher in Carrollton. She fell in love with the Montessori Method and began training soon after. Ms. Lebron received her Montessori Certification through Colin Community College.

“I believe the Montessori teaching method makes learning fun for the students, and I enjoy watching them learn at their own pace and guiding them through their discoveries.”

Ms. Lebron lives in Lewisville with her son Jaxson, who started at MES at 12 months old. She enjoys being a mother, reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

Lead Preparatory program Teacher

Jesika Maldonado

Lead Teacher, Preparatory

Jesika Maldonado has been a part of the MES family since 2019.

Ms. Maldonado has been educating children of all ages for 15 years. She received her Early Childhood Education credential from the American Montessori Society in San Francisco, CA.

Mrs. Maldonado believes strongly in the philosophy of the Montessori method and enjoys watching children blossom and advance in their educational studies. She has been married to her wonderful husband for over ten years, and they have two white German shepherds. “I am delighted to work here at Montessori Episcopal School, as well as a new start in Texas.”

Montessori Episcopal School teacher leading hands-on activities for kindergarten prep classes near me in Lewisville, TX.

Rebecca Carroll

Associate Teacher, Preparatory

Ms. Carroll has a Master’s degree in teaching from TWU, a bachelor’s degree from Austin College and a Montessori certificate from Collin County Community College.

Ms. Carroll has two boys, Henry and Wes. Henry is in elementary school and loves baseball. Wes attends MES and loves everything his big brother loves. Her husband, Andrew, works in Flower Mound as the Vice President of a commercial construction company.

She loves animals and has a cat and two dogs. She was born in Lewisville and her sister attended MES. She loves Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Office.

Montessori Episcopal School Associate Preparatory Teacher, leading hands-on activities for 4 year olds in Lewisville, TX.

Jazmane Walker

Associate Teacher, Preparatory

Jazmane Walker is the Preparatory Associate and has been with MES since 2021.

Ms. Walker graduated from Byron Nelson High School in 2019 and has been working for a Montessori school since then. While in high school, she participated in PTSA, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, and Colorguard. She is the oldest of three. 

“I can’t wait every day to work with the children to help build their independence!”

Montessori Episcopal School teacher leading hands-on activities for language development for 3 year olds in Lewisville, TX.

Mallory Pfiefer

Associate Teacher, Preparatory

Mallory Pfeifer is the Preparatory Associate and has been with MES since 2020.

Ms. Pfiefer was previously the Toddler Lead Teacher at another Montessori School in Fort Worth before joining us in the Preparatory classroom at MES. She is working on her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and studying for her Montessori certification through Collin Community College. Ms. Pfeifer was first introduced to the Montessori method at her previous school, where she focused on ages 18 months to 3 years. She is excited and blessed to be able to grow under the instruction of her lead teacher, colleagues, and students here at MES.

Ms. Pfeifer enjoys reading, music, film/television, and family time with her partner Jonathan. Her main goal in teaching is to create a child-centered, positive learning environment where all children feel welcome, safe, and special and to provide high-quality, individualized education to students of all backgrounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paving the Path: Common Questions About Our Kindergarten Preparatory Program

Our Kindergarten Preparatory Program at Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX, stands out because it seamlessly integrates the Montessori Method into all aspects of learning. We focus on nurturing language development, phonics, reading fluency, and diving deeper into math and science. Our goal is to foster independent, creative thinkers who have a passion for learning. This program is designed for children aged 3-6 years, ensuring a tailored approach to each child’s learning journey. If you’re in Lewisville or nearby areas like Flower Mound and Highland Village, and you’re looking for a comprehensive preparatory experience for your child, contact Montessori Episcopal School today.

At Montessori Episcopal School, our Montessori math activities for 3-year-olds are designed to introduce concepts in a hands-on, engaging way, fostering a love for numbers early on. Through the use of Montessori materials like number rods and sandpaper numbers, children learn about counting, number recognition, and basic addition and subtraction. This approach not only supports early math skills but also enhances fine motor skills and independent learning. If you’re interested in a math program that encourages curiosity and a strong foundation in math from an early age, we invite you to contact Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX.

Our daycare for three-year-olds focuses on providing a nurturing environment that supports the whole child, including emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. At Montessori Episcopal School, we incorporate the Montessori Method to offer a structured yet flexible program that adapts to the individual needs of each child. With activities ranging from language development to introductory math and science concepts, we ensure your child receives a well-rounded experience. For parents in Lewisville and surrounding areas looking for a daycare that goes beyond just care and truly educates, please contact us.

Yes, at Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX, our Kindergarten Preparatory Program is deeply rooted in the Montessori Method. We focus on creating a supportive environment where children aged 3-6 years can explore and learn at their own pace. Our curriculum includes language and reading development, chapel, art, music, physical education, and advanced math and science skill-building. We aim to cultivate independence and confidence in our learners. If you’re near Lewisville, Flower Mound, or Highland Village and are looking for a Montessori-based kindergarten prep class, we encourage you to contact us.

Our daycare for 4-year-olds at Montessori Episcopal School emphasizes a balanced approach to learning and development. Utilizing the Montessori Method, we engage children in activities that promote language, math, science, and social skills in a nurturing environment. Our program is designed to encourage curiosity, independence, and a love for learning, setting a strong foundation for future academic success. If you’re seeking a daycare that provides more than just care but a comprehensive educational experience for your child in the Lewisville area, please reach out to us.

Supporting language development for 3-year-olds is a key focus at Montessori Episcopal School. Through a variety of Montessori-based activities, we encourage vocabulary expansion, sentence structure understanding, and early literacy skills. Our environment is rich in opportunities for conversation, storytelling, and singing, all of which are crucial for language development. If you’re looking for a program that prioritizes language development in a supportive, engaging environment, contact us in Lewisville, TX.

For 5-year-olds, our language development strategies at Montessori Episcopal School include advanced Montessori materials and activities that promote reading fluency, comprehension, and creative expression. We focus on phonics, storytelling, and writing activities that not only enhance language skills but also encourage independence and confidence in communication. If your child is near Lewisville, TX, and you value a strong foundation in language development, we invite you to contact us.

Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX, offers phonics classes that incorporate the Montessori method of teaching phonics. Our approach is hands-on, allowing children to explore letters and sounds through tactile and visual materials, fostering a deep understanding of phonics. This method is proven to be effective in developing reading and writing skills at an early age. If you’re in the Lewisville area and interested in a Montessori approach to phonics for your child, please contact us.

The Montessori method of teaching phonics at Montessori Episcopal School benefits children by providing a sensory-rich learning experience. This approach allows children to learn phonics through manipulation of letters and sounds, making the learning process more intuitive and engaging. It lays a strong foundation for reading and writing, encouraging independence and self-paced learning. For parents in Lewisville and nearby areas looking for an effective phonics program, we encourage you to contact Montessori Episcopal School.

Our Montessori lesson plans for 3-year-olds at Montessori Episcopal School are designed to cater to the natural curiosity and developmental needs of young children. These plans include activities that cover practical life skills, sensory-based learning, language development, and foundational math and science concepts. Each activity is tailored to encourage independence, concentration, and a love for learning. If you’re in Lewisville or the surrounding areas and are interested in a Montessori approach for your three-year-old, please reach out to us.

Yes, our daycare for 5-year-olds at Montessori Episcopal School provides an educational focus that prepares children for kindergarten and beyond. Our program integrates Montessori principles with a curriculum that includes advanced language, math, and science activities, as well as art, music, and physical education. We aim to create a well-rounded experience that fosters independence and a love for learning. For parents in the Lewisville area looking for a daycare that educates, please contact us.

At Montessori Episcopal School, our program for 6-year-olds is specifically designed to prepare them for the transition to elementary school. We focus on advanced math and science concepts, reading fluency, and the development of independent learning skills. Our Montessori-based curriculum ensures that children are not only academically prepared but also confident and capable learners. If you’re in Lewisville or nearby and looking for a program that prepares your child for elementary school, please contact us.

Our daycare services at Montessori Episcopal School, though located in Lewisville, TX, serve many families from Flower Mound and the surrounding areas. What sets us apart is our commitment to the Montessori Method, which emphasizes individual learning paths, hands-on engagement, and fostering independence and creativity in every child. Our programs for children, including those from Flower Mound, are designed to nurture their natural desire to learn, explore, and grow in a supportive and enriching environment. We offer a unique blend of academic and life skills education, tailored to the developmental stages of children aged 3-6 years. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention for each child, promoting a deeper understanding and mastery of various subjects. If you’re a parent in Flower Mound or nearby communities looking for a daycare that provides more than just supervision but a foundation for lifelong learning, we encourage you to contact Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX.

At Montessori Episcopal School, our daycare for three-year-old’s is uniquely designed to lay a strong foundation in both math and science from an early age. Through the Montessori approach, we introduce math and science concepts using hands-on, sensory-based activities that are both engaging and educational. For math, children work with materials that teach them about numbers, shapes, and basic operations in a very tangible way, fostering an intuitive understanding of math. In science, our young learners explore the world around them through experiments and observations, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking. This early exposure to math and science not only builds academic skills but also helps develop problem-solving abilities and a love for learning. If you’re interested in a program that emphasizes math and science skill-building for your three-year-old in the Lewisville area, please contact Montessori Episcopal School!


Montessori Episcopal School is the only Christian Montessori school in Denton county.

We have been serving Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village toddlers through kindergartners for the past 50+ years.


Montessori Episcopal School turns preschoolers into independent creative thinkers. Our programs have:

  • Individualized instruction on each child
  • Weekly Library, Art, PE, Music, and Spanish
  • Biblical training through weekly chapel


  • A focus on whole-child learning, including physical, education and spiritual development
  • A natural, maker-space playground and garden
  • Passionate, long-tenured teachers
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