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Turning Preschoolers Into

Independent Creative Thinkers

Everything about Montessori Episcopal School revolves around providing exceptional early childhood educational experience. That’s why we offer superior education within a rich, nurturing, Christian environment, seamlessly blending the Montessori Method and philosophy to inspire joy, enthusiasm, excitement, and confidence in its students. This combination creates a holistic learning experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of each student, fostering a deep sense of purpose and connection. Our school community is dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive platform, where students can explore their interests, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Our Vision

Incorporating the traditions of the Episcopal Church and Montessori philosophy, MES stands as a beacon of commitment to respecting the worth of every person, celebrating the rich complexity of the community, and embracing the value of persistent hope and principled conviction. This ethos is central to everything about Montessori Episcopal School, where the collaborative efforts of school staff, parents, and the church are dedicated to developing the mind, spirit, and physical body of every student.

The school’s mission is to encourage students to use their gifts and talents for the glory of God, reflecting a holistic approach to education that nurtures not just academic excellence but also spiritual growth and personal integrity.

It is our goal as a Christian community to educate parents about Montessori Episcopal School. We nurture students in a multifaceted educational environment that encompasses not only academics but also independence, creativity, and service to others. We are deeply committed to fostering critical thinking and leadership skills underpinned by a solid foundation in Christian values. This holistic approach ensures that our students are not just learners but also contributors to the wider community, equipped with a love of learning that propels them toward future success.

Furthermore, the essence of Montessori Episcopal School is captured in our dedication to developing well-rounded individuals who embrace challenges with confidence and approach the world with a curious and open mind.”

Learn about Montessori Episcopal School Education

Individualized Instruction

Each Child is Treated as an Individual and Learning is Self-Paced

Curriculum Enrichment

Weekly Library, Art, Music and PE included in Tuition

Passionate Teachers

Long-Tenured, Dedicated Teachers Experienced in the Montessori Method

Christian Education

Biblical Training Provided through Weekly Chapel and Godly Play

Future Advantage

A Challenging Academic Program that Provides an Advantage for Future Schooling

Whole-Child Learning

Focused on Whole-Child Learning including Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Daycares in Lewisville, particularly Montessori Episcopal School, distinguish themselves through a unique blend of nurturing environments, educational excellence, and personalized care, focusing on the holistic development of children. For over 50 years, since 1969, our school has been at the forefront of combining traditional daycare services with the Montessori method, fostering independence, curiosity, and a love for learning among toddlers to kindergartners. This approach ensures that children from Lewisville and surrounding communities like Flower Mound, Highland Village, and Double Oak receive an education that prepares them not just academically but socially and emotionally for the challenges ahead. If you’re seeking a daycare that goes beyond mere supervision and actively contributes to your child’s growth, we invite you to contact Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX, to learn more about our programs.

Choosing Montessori schools in Lewisville, TX, especially Montessori Episcopal School, means selecting an educational approach that is child-centered and encourages self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. Our Montessori programs are designed to nurture critical thinking, creativity, and social skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. With a legacy spanning over five decades, we are committed to providing an education that respects the individual needs of each child, preparing them for a lifetime of learning and achievement. Families from Lewisville and nearby areas like Flower Mound, Highland Village, and Double Oak are welcome to contact Montessori Episcopal School to discover how our Montessori programs can make a difference in their child’s life.

In the quest for affordable daycare in Lewisville, TX, Montessori Episcopal School stands out by offering high-quality education and care without the hefty price tag. We understand the financial pressures faced by families in our community, which is why we are dedicated to providing accessible Montessori education. Our school offers a variety of programs designed to meet the diverse needs of families in Lewisville and the surrounding areas, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to benefit from our nurturing and stimulating Montessori environment. For more information on our affordable options and to discuss how we can accommodate your family’s needs, please contact Montessori Episcopal School.

Montessori Episcopal School in Lewisville, TX, specializes in early childhood education, embracing the Montessori method to nurture and develop young minds. Our programs are specifically tailored to inspire a love for learning, independence, and social collaboration among children from toddlers to kindergartners. With over 50 years of experience, we have crafted an educational environment that supports the unique developmental stages of early childhood, making learning a joyful and enriching experience. Families from Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, and beyond are encouraged to contact Montessori Episcopal School to learn more about our early childhood education offerings.

While Montessori Episcopal School is located in Lewisville, TX, we serve a broad community of families from Flower Mound, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Our school stands out for its commitment to providing a holistic education that fosters each child’s natural desire to learn, respecting and nurturing their individual development. Our Montessori curriculum emphasizes independence, empathy, and global awareness, preparing children not just for the next stage of their education but for life. If you’re in Flower Mound or nearby communities and are looking for an educational setting that values your child’s unique abilities and potential, we invite you to contact Montessori Episcopal School to explore how we can serve your family.

For families in Lewisville and the surrounding areas seeking affordable Montessori education, Montessori Episcopal School offers a compelling option. Our commitment to making Montessori education accessible is reflected in our variety of programs and pricing options designed to accommodate families of diverse backgrounds. We believe that every child deserves the best start in life, which is why we strive to provide a nurturing, engaging, and high-quality Montessori environment without the financial burden often associated with private education. To discuss our affordable Montessori options and find out how we can meet your needs, please contact Montessori Episcopal School.

Choosing the right Montessori childcare means looking for a program that not only adheres to the Montessori philosophy but also has a proven track record of providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for children. Montessori Episcopal School, with over 50 years of experience serving families in Lewisville and surrounding areas, is dedicated to offering an educational setting that supports the holistic development of children. Our accreditation and commitment to the Montessori method ensure that we provide a quality education that respects the individuality of each child. We encourage parents to contact us for a tour and to learn more about why Montessori Episcopal School is the right choice for their family.

Selecting an accredited Montessori school is crucial because accreditation ensures that the institution adheres to high standards of education, teacher training, and student outcomes. It signifies a commitment to the Montessori method and to providing an environment that truly benefits the development of the child. Montessori Episcopal School prides itself on meeting and exceeding these standards, offering a comprehensive and authentic Montessori education. Our accreditation is a testament to our dedication to excellence and to the positive impact we strive to have on each child’s learning journey. For more details on our accreditation and its importance, please contact Montessori Episcopal School.

Flower Mound daycare centers are renowned for their commitment to providing high-quality early childhood education and care, set against the backdrop of one of Texas’s most family-friendly communities. Among these, Montessori Episcopal School stands out for its unique blend of Montessori philosophy and Episcopal values, offering a nurturing, inclusive environment that fosters independence, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning in children from toddlers through kindergartners.

Located conveniently for families in Flower Mound, Lewisville, and surrounding areas like Highland Village and Double Oak, Montessori Episcopal School has been serving the community since 1969. Our approach to early childhood education is distinct in its focus on individualized learning paths. We believe that children thrive in an environment where they can explore their interests at their own pace, guided by experienced and compassionate educators. This Montessori method, combined with our emphasis on spiritual growth and character development, prepares children not just for academic success but for life.

Finding the best Montessori daycare involves researching and understanding what each program offers in terms of environment, curriculum, and staff qualifications. Montessori Episcopal School is recognized for providing a top-tier Montessori education, thanks to our experienced, compassionate staff and our commitment to the Montessori philosophy. Serving the Lewisville area and surrounding communities for over 50 years, we offer a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow. To discover why we are considered the best choice for Montessori education in the area, please reach out to Montessori Episcopal School.

Daycare centers in Lewisville, TX, offer a variety of educational philosophies, but Montessori Episcopal School distinguishes itself by adhering to the Montessori method, which emphasizes self-directed learning, mixed-age classrooms, and respect for each child’s individual pace of development. For over five decades, we have been dedicated to creating an environment that fosters independence, curiosity, and a deep love for learning. Our approach is designed to support the holistic development of children, preparing them not just academically, but also socially and emotionally for their future. This makes our center a preferred choice for families from Lewisville and surrounding areas like Flower Mound, Highland Village, and Double Oak who value education that respects and nurtures their child’s natural development. To understand how our educational philosophy can benefit your child, we encourage you to contact us.

Yes, Montessori Episcopal School provides affordable daycare options in Lewisville, TX, that adhere to the Montessori educational philosophy. We believe in making Montessori education accessible to as many families as possible, offering a nurturing environment where children can grow, learn, and thrive. Our school has been serving the community since 1969, and we are committed to maintaining high standards of education while being mindful of the financial considerations of families in our area. Our programs are designed to be financially accessible, ensuring that children from Lewisville and nearby communities like Flower Mound, Highland Village, and Double Oak have the opportunity to benefit from a Montessori education. For more information on our affordable daycare options, please contact Montessori Episcopal School.

When searching for a daycare in Lewisville, Texas, parents should look for a program that offers a safe, nurturing environment, a curriculum that supports all areas of development, and a staff that is caring, professional, and trained in early childhood education. Montessori Episcopal School exceeds these criteria by providing a Montessori-based program that supports the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth of children. Our school has been a pillar in the community for over 50 years, offering a rich learning experience that encourages children to explore their interests, develop independence, and cultivate respect for others and their environment. Families from Lewisville and the surrounding areas are invited to learn more about what our daycare offers by contacting Montessori Episcopal School.

Lewisville daycare centers, including Montessori Episcopal School, understand the dynamic needs of busy families and offer flexible programs, extended hours, and a curriculum that is designed to engage and nurture children of various ages and stages of development. Our goal is to support families by providing reliable, high-quality daycare services that accommodate their schedules while ensuring that children receive an enriching educational experience. At Montessori Episcopal School, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and supportive community for families from Lewisville and nearby areas like Flower Mound, Highland Village, and Double Oak. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of today’s families, offering peace of mind that their children are in a safe, engaging, and educational environment. For more information on how we can meet your family’s needs, please contact Montessori Episcopal School.

Montessori Episcopal School has been a beacon of early childhood education in the Lewisville area for over 50 years, offering a unique Montessori experience that nurtures and educates children from toddlers through kindergartners. Our commitment to providing high-quality, affordable Montessori education has made us a preferred choice for families seeking an enriching learning environment for their children. If you’re interested in learning more about our programs and how we can support your child’s growth and development, we encourage you to reach out to us.


Montessori Episcopal School is the only Christian Montessori school in Denton county.

We have been serving Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village toddlers through kindergartners for the past 50+ years.


Montessori Episcopal School turns preschoolers into independent creative thinkers. Our programs have:

  • Individualized instruction on each child
  • Weekly Library, Art, PE, Music, and Spanish
  • Biblical training through weekly chapel


  • A focus on whole-child learning, including physical, education and spiritual development
  • A natural, maker-space playground and garden
  • Passionate, long-tenured teachers
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