Montessori art program

Montessori Art Education – Why Every Child is an Artist

montessori art education

I truly believe there is an artist in every person. There is a creative, imaginative part in each child that needs to be nourished to thrive. That inner artist has definite preference for certain shapes, forms and colors, whether molded by that person’s hands or simply chosen.

Unfortunately, too many adults think they have no artist living in them because they or someone else let them think that. Amazingly enough, some children are already convincing themselves that they lack artistic talent.

The purpose of our Montessori Art Education program is to fortify the inner artist of each child; to stimulate their creativity. We explore as many methods and materials as are appropriate. Color, design and shape are constants. Mixing colors, planning design, confidence in their opinion and taste, making something from mistakes, appreciating unplanned designs along with feeling comfortable with cutting, gluing, painting and drawing are just the beginning.

montessori art

I try to incorporate recycling by seeing possibilities in found objects. Using natural materials is a personal favorite as well. Let me know if you have anything you can’t use or have in abundance!

We touch on famous artists and Art History as we go. Towards the end of each school year we have an Art Show of work done in Art Class as well as projects done in the classroom. This is very exciting for the students and parents.

montessori art program

As loving parents, anything your child does is a treasure. Please remember the process rather than the product is our focal point. And, as always, we consider our hands as our most important tools and our art as a wonderful gift.

~ Lina Eisman, MES Art Teacher

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