Checklist: 20 Things Your Child CAN Do On Their Own

One of the core areas we focus on in Montessori education is called Practical Life. Practical Life works are just what they sound like—the practical things your child wants and needs to be able to do in everyday life.

Things like setting the table, getting dressed, washing and cleaning up, folding clothes and being courteous to others.

The activities of practical life revolve around four key areas:

  • Caring for the Self
  • Caring for the Environment
  • Grace & Courtesy
  • Control of Movement

Working on practical life skills with your child builds confidence, trust, self-esteem and independence. That’s why we’ve put together a simple checklist you can use at home to ensure you’re continuing the work we’re doing with your students in the classroom.

Are you letting your child do all 20 of these tasks at home without help? Download the checklist now to find out how much they can do – it might just surprise you!

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